Ceramics Vietnamese Lotus Tea Set


Historically, Vietnamese craftsmen created some of the most graceful and highly valued ceramic pieces.

Handcrafted Wooden Furniture Bench


Handcrafted from  the most precious hardwood, every piece is timeless in design and quality, and only grows ever more beautiful.

Handcrafted Textile Fabric Dragonfly Meadows Design


Natural, meticulously hand-embroidered textiles that bring warmth, softness and elegance to your home.

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Live amongst some of the world’s finest and most
beautiful handcrafted pieces.

Each Authentique piece is handcrafted with exquisite design, precious all-natural materials, and
masterly traditional craftsmanship – and will last for generations to come.

Authentic Vietnamese traditions and techniques

We passionately endeavour to unearth the true beauty of Vietnamese craft traditions to the world by empowering local artisans to express their deepest passions for beauty and nature in their craft.

Through the preservation of our antique heritage and the innovation of new designs and ideas, our mission is to revive and further mature some of the most beautiful craft traditions in the world.


We strive for excellence in beauty, quality, and functionality.

Handcrafted Wood Furniture tools

Precious & Timeless
All-Natural Materials

Envelop your home in the warmth and tenderness of nature with our natural homewares of the highest quality and durability.

Craftsmen carving fine Wooden Furniture

The World’s Finest
Craftsmanship & Durability

Our master artisans use the most respected traditional handcrafting techniques refined and passed down through centuries.

Artist painting handmade Ceramics

Exquisite Design &
Aesthetic Philosophy

Our mission is to revive and evolve true Vietnamese culture, among the most beautiful in the world, in the contemporary era.

“I am deeply impressed by the beauty of each ceramic product at Authentique. When you know the stories behind these products, you will want to possess the whole collection.”

—  Phuong N from Melbourne, Australia

“Extremely beautiful ceramics and textiles. The kind of art items that I would want to buy as special gifts for my family and friends.”

—  Vu L from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam